Lock Ridge Furnace

Lock Ridge is an old Iron Furnace that sat abandoned for 50 years until it was turned in to a county park and partially restored.


There is a museum open on the weekends in the summer and  a walking tour that can be done all year around.  As a park there is a nice walking path, A fishing stream amd pleasnty of places to picnic.



But the real star here is the one furnace building that still remains and the blacksmith shop ruins.






Every March there is an entire field that gets covered in small blue flowers. People usually show up to take family portraits there.  It is as picturesque, relaxing and interesting all in one.

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Rehoboth Beach Delaware

Rehoboth Beach is a fun Resort on the Atlantic.  It has a great beach, lots to do and photograph.  Great food and shops in the downtown area make it feel like a quaint small town all year round.

Also there is plenty to do and have fun with on the boardwalk in the summer.

Alot of the shops on Main street are open all year.


But of course the main attraction is the beach.



So weather you are going to photograph or just spend a relaxing day at the Atlantic Ocean this is a great place to visit and also so close to many other attractions in the area.


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A different kind of state park

Cape Henlopen State Park in Delaware is not a what you would call a typical state park.  There are lots of open areas, but it also includes some fun and interesting things as well.  It Has some great beaches.
Cape Henlopen Beach

It also has 2 lighthouses on either side of the Cape.


You Also get some great views of the Cape May New Jersey and Lewes Delaware Ferry going back and forth.


The interesting part is a World War 2 gunnery base.  They are restoring it.  It is called Fort Miles.  They have reenactments there in the spring.

The Base was the control point for the Towers you see along the Delaware and New Jersey Coast.


They would use these towers to triangulate the position of any incoming ships and fire the guns if we were attacked.

There are still bunkers there but they aren’t open to then public.
point herring

But Fort Miles is the only place you can get into and walk to the top of one of the fire control towers.


All in all this is a great place if you enjoy the beach, the outdoors and History.  There are many towers there  as well as wildlife to photograph.

Even something as simple as the rock breakers along the beach can make an interesting Shot.  So next time you are around Lewes Delaware take a look.
Breaker on Cape Henlopen Beach

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Winterfest of Lights in Ocean City Maryland

We discovered Winterfest 10 years ago and have been going back ever since.  It is held at Northside Park in Ocean City Maryland and usually runs from the week before thanks giving until the beginning of January.  They have a heated tent for snacks and gift shops as well as a Take a photo while sitting on Santa’s lap booth for the kids.

They use the trams that in the summer carry people up and down the boardwalk to drive you through the amazing lights. From “Jaws” to the 12 days of Christmas to the giant tree at the entrance, there is something for everyone.  Every year they usually add something and they change the lights around so each year is a different view and it is always enjoyable.  The challenge for the photographer is taking night shots from a moving vehicle but it can be done and even if you don’t get any great shots it is still a fun way to spend the evening.

We usually make a day of it and spend the day at Assateague Island before heading to the lights.



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Eastern State Penitentiary

A prison that was opened in 1829 and used for 142 years until it was abandoned in 1971. Eastern State Penitentiary sat empty for years until it was turned into a museum.  They are now restoring it,  It has housed many famous prisoners including Al Capone who had a special cell that looked more like a hotel room then a cell.  You can see his cell on the tour.  It has played host to movies from 12 Monkeys  to Transformers 2. It has also played host to many television show like Ghost Hunters.

From the outside which was designed to intimidate the prisoners as they arrived when it sat alone on a hill not in the middle of the City of Philadelphia’s Fairmont Section. There are many amazing photo opportunities.

Outside if the prison designed to look like a castle.

The curves and the light inside make for some dramatic scenes.



Admission includes a self guided tour,  You get a box with headphones and as you walk through there are signs with numbers on them. Punch in the number and hear about the place you are standing.  Ex Guards and prisoners share experiences at ESP.  Last time we were there the tour was voiced by Actor Steve Buscemi.

It is not only a great place for photos but an interesting place to spend the day.  Around Halloween the have a haunted prison that is supposed to be amazing.

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Sunrise, Sunset

Instead of a place today I want to talk about a time.  Sunrise and sunset can produce some amazing images.   You can either silhouette something simple or complex in front of the shot or just let the sky be the main focus.    Another option is to get the shot facing the water.  Have gone to the ocean  and lakes which can add drama to a shot.

Here is an example of a simple top of a dune grass plant with the rising sun in the background.  This was taken at Rehoboth Beach Delaware.


For something more complex here is one of the Roller_coasters at Hershey Park at sunset.


Here is another Rehoboth Beach shot I like the way the water reflects the sun here.

But alot of the time the colors will just steal the show.  I have used sunrise presets and occasionally a filter designs to bring out the reds in a shot. Like this one taken at Lake Nockamixon, Pennsylvania.


Another neat thing to try is to avoid the sunrise all together and use the light just before the sun breaks the horizon to set the mood.  This is the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk just before sunrise.


But the best part is you have a decent amount of time before during and after the sunrise and sunset to play with the available light and see what dazzling shots you can come up with.

My Flickr Photostream

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Flowers, Flowers and More Flowers.

Longwood Gardens A former residence of the Du Pont family.  North East of Philadelphia Pennsylvania This is on of the most amazing gardens in the country.  They have many annual shows ranging from Christmas shows, to Orchid Shows to name a couple.


They also have an amazing water Garden open in the summer and fall.

There is a tropical room full of Palm Trees as well.  It is an all day visit in the summer when the outdoor gardens are in bloom it can take a couple of days to see it all.


My Flickr Photostream

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